In high-end restaurants around the world, Wagyu beef is the most desired meat today. Although the name simply means “cow” in Japanese, this meat is anything but ordinary.

Wagyu is a close relative of Kobe, but like champagne, this beef can only receive the Kobe label if produced in the trademarked region of Japan. Also called “American Kobe,” Wagyu is known for its unparalleled fat marbling and healthy monounsaturated fats which make for succulent, juicy steaks.


Stepaside Farm is unique in that we’re building our program with an outstanding crop of full-blood Wagyu cows. This purity allows us—and other breeders—to mix the genetic strains needed to develop excellent marbling, low birth weight, rapid calf growth and other desirable traits.

In 2014, we purchased five full-blood cows and calves from Lone Mountain Wagyu in New Mexico. They are gentle animals, easy to work with and handle, and calve easily with small babies. With the assistance of an experienced embryologist, our goal is to produce high-quality seedstock for the purposes of selling cows, bulls, embryos, and semen to other farms.


Our cows and calves have full-time access to lush pasture and abundant sunshine. We use stress-reducing handling techniques when we vaccinate and treat them, including fence-line weaning and using a hand-built curved chute designed by Temple Grandin.

We are are currently in the process of building our herd, however we do have embryos for sale. If you’re interested in future sales of cows, bulls, and semen, we’d be happy to take your name.

Please contact us for more information.